Bespoke Software solutions

Bespoke, tailor-made or custom software are solutions and packages built and designed for very specific customer requirements; they can often be small to carry out a single task or full system-wide solutions and workflows.

In today’s changing and fast-moving world of technology it is very often the case that off the shelf software does not meet the customer requirements or the internal R&D budgets are tight on dealing with BAU based products, yet budgets for outsourced development are still available; in these scenarios, SCH Tech is often contacted to produce small and large scale software projects in order to allow the customers visions, plans or interim solutions requirements are met.

A further benefit for bespoke software solutions consultancy in London is the direct contact from the customer to the development company and bespoke software developers. This relationship allows changes and feature requests to be discussed and planned based on potential business changes unlike limited feature sets and updates produced by off the shelf software.

SCH Tech uses agile project management and road map methods to allow effective bug and feature management, combined with direct communication to customer project management or tech leads to produce results that the customer can be proud of and performs above and beyond customer expectations.

Our custom software development solutions have been small enough that the entire development and its associated deliverables have been completed in just hours after an engagement, these solutions can be extremely cost-effective for customers and produce results that a customer may have otherwise struggled to achieve with standard software solutions.

What can I expect from SCH Tech bespoke software

Medium to Large projects: Once the initial engagement is agreed we will work with your team to create a boilerplate design and predicted timelines.
We will take this initial design and produce more detailed workflow designs and documentation that will be presented back to the customer for review and approval.
Once this is agreed a project is setup in sprints and development work will begin with regular shoutouts to ensure the customer is fully up to date with the development schedule.
Small Projects: Small projects can be discussed and delivered extremely quickly dependant on resource availability, a project tracking system will still be created and design patterns followed; projects can be delivered from hours to days dependant on size and features.

All projects will receive the same care and attention to detail and all projects will receive full source code and documentation upon completion.

Is Bespoke software Expensive?

Bespoke software does cost more than off the shelf software, but the initial outlay may often be cheaper than internal development and maintenance, the benefits of custom software is the customer receives the features and design that is envisioned in order to reach the precise customer requirements.
The purchase of bespoke software also means you own the software and its source code, therefore, the customer is not held to ongoing licence agreements or lack of future support, this means the customer can bring future development in house or if required continue to utilise SCH Tech to deliver continued support and development.
As the customer owns the software and its source, a secondary benefit is the customer can monetise the deliverable without fear of license restrictions or infringement.

Are off the shelf solutions suitable for our needs?

SCH Tech cannot really answer what software is required for your business use cases as this will largely depend on the requirements that need to be fulfilled.
With a myriad of software solutions available “off the shelf” it may be there is a solution that will work for you, however if your requirements are outside of the standard operations of the ready made software solution then it is likely a bespoke software solution will benefit the business better.

Call to Bespoke Solutions Consultancy and Developers in London.

SCH Tech believe that our solutions and support bring longevity and true ROI to the customer as its clear that a customer that engages in with SCH Tech to develop software solutions are focuses on value over initial outlay and are long term thinkers and industry shakers.

Feel free to contact SCH Tech using the links in the header for a free consultancy in order to discuss your requirements and discuss your requirements today!