Gracenote API Metadata Enrichment Use Case

Metadata enrichment use case.

A fast moving challenge was presented by a Major Broadcaster and Media client to take VOD ADI packages from a legacy platform and have the metadata enhanced while obtaining the correct images, packaging and delivering to origin.

Initial Request and Challenges.

The client ask was to place a backend service on a windows server and to carry out the following operations:

  • Receive VOD ADI packages in a zip archive.
  • Detect without extraction if the package is an update or parent package.
  • Extract the ADI.xml and enhance all the metadata associated with the title.
  • Retrieve the correct images for the associated asset using Gracenote On API.
  • Update and enhance the metadata with the correctly selected images: 5-9 images dependent on package.
  • Take the highest bitrate video and preview then create a final package containing the ADI.xml, largest bitrate TS, Preview and all correct images.
  • Deliver the package to origin for use / ingest on the customer platform.

Solutions Approach and process.

The software was created using C# .net with MSSQL database to store data and configuration.

The Image logic on Gracenote proved to be the most difficult and complex are to complete however this was templated with xml configuration files and allowed the customer to create and manage the image selection configuration themselves; while the core selection algorithm in code using that configuration ensured the images the customer wishes to have in the package can be controlled on a long term basis.

Tables in the MSSQL database were also created in order to track core data and detect updates against parent ingest packages which later allowed ease of workflow logic in order to allow the workflow software to track and manage data in a fluent and efficient manner.

The project has since grown with CR’s to handle pay per night and pay per view packages plus refactoring over time has allowed the code to become more modular in order to add or retract specific functions.

Delivery Result.

The project has been delivered on time and on budget with little impact on the customer platforms and now with PR resolutions prior to live deployment and CR enhancements added runs in an extremely efficient manner and is continually providing metadata enrichment services and VOD package delivery 24/7.
The Net result of this enhancement allowed enhancement to the metadata associated with a Video on Demand package thus allowing the end user to have a more enhanced user experience when browsing the VOD catalog on one of the many OTT platforms supported by the client.

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