The Importance of Tailor-Made Technology Solutions in Business.

These days, there’s a tech solution for everything.

In the UK alone, the SaaS (Software As A Service) market is worth more than £10 billion. By 2025, the UK’s wider technology sector could reach nearly £200 billion.

Off-the-shelf tech solutions, which are pre-made technological methods, tools, systems, or software that solve a problem, fulfil a need, or improve an existing process within a business, organisation, or project, are a big part of this growth.

Need to streamline accounting processes? Think Xero, Sage, or Quickbooks.

Need a sales CRM? There’s Hubspot, Salesforce, or Pipedrive.

Need a project management tool? You could get, Airtable, or Trello.

While the software will slightly differ insofar as it might cater to different company sizes, industries, or departmental needs, these differences are usually small—especially compared to the alternative.

Because they’re marketed products, they need to be one-size-fits-all tools. While this makes them acceptable for general problems, they often fail to address more complex, specific needs.

This is where custom technology solutions come in.

What are Custom Technology Solutions?

A custom technology solution is a tailor-made technology designed to fit the specific needs of a business.

Custom tech solutions can cover numerous technologies, such as software applications, web platforms, mobile apps, and integrated systems that combine hardware and software.

They often address needs in data management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, cybersecurity, e-commerce, and more. Unlike off-the-shelf software, these unique solutions typically contain custom features and functionality beyond simply adjusting settings.

For example, a large hospital wants to improve patient care and operational efficiency by connecting its disparate systems for patient records, appointment scheduling, and staffing. A single patient management system would be perfect. Still, a custom tech solution might be preferred while there are on-market solutions.

In this case, a solution could be developed to ensure compatibility with their existing infrastructure, incorporate specific workflow requirements, and include advanced data security measures to protect patient information.

The edge

Aside from being completely tailored to a business’s needs, custom tech solutions have three main advantages over standard solutions.

1. Scalability

Tailored solutions will grow with a business and accommodate increased demands without complete system overhauls. This scalability makes them a cost-effective option for long-term growth.

For example, a sales department might periodically need to change its pipeline management tool as the number of leads it deals with increases. A custom solution would eliminate this problem and remove the need for constant re-onboarding and retraining whole teams.

2. Integration

Most businesses’ tech stacks evolve, leading to disparate systems that may need to communicate more effectively with one another. Custom tech solutions enable the integration of existing software and hardware within the organisation.

For instance, a custom CRM system could integrate with an existing ERP system, providing sales teams with real-time access to inventory levels, order statuses, and customer history. This would enable more informed sales decisions and better customer service.

3. Security

Custom tech solutions offer the advantage of tailored security measures designed to protect against the specific threats an organisation may face.

Unlike standard solutions, which may offer a broad approach to security, custom systems align with the business’s unique security requirements.

For example, a financial company may introduce a custom fraud detection algorithm that analyses transaction data to identify fraudulent activity patterns.


With technology specifically designed for their operations, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors, offering unique services or better performance.

Often, the results speak for themselves. According to Business Wire, companies employing customised solutions have seen a 53% increase in operational efficiency, showing their potential to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

If you need more guidance on custom tech solutions or have some ideas, please contact us.

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