QAM package to OTT Conversion.

Initial Request and Challenges.

A project with good timelines was presented by a Major Broadcaster and Media client which would allow conversion of an ini (itv file extension) based QAM package into an OTT ADI package.

The client requests were straight forward and are outlined below:

  • Receive an itv package file(ini based file) to an input directory.
  • Process and retrieve required values from the itv file based on mapping rules.
  • Create a corresponding ADI.xml package.
  • Retrieve the require high bitrate media based on a location in the ini file.
  • Checksum and retrieve the filesize from the media file and update the new ADI.xml.
  • Create a zip archive and deliver to an SCH Tech created back office solution in order to enrich the metadata and subsequently ingest.

The back office enrichment service use case can be seen here:

Solutions Approach and process.

The software was created using C# .net with MSSQL database to store data and configuration.

The mapping rules were created in a database allowing a field mapping relationship including flags to state what areas of the metadata the mapping belongs during the conversion to ADI format.
These rules allow changes and additions to be easily created or managed without disrupting the service.

Later on in the project, location rules were added where it was indicated that some locations should have the media removed post processing but other media locations should not have media removed; again this was dealt with by adding an easily configurable MSSQL table that allowed the customer to specify the locations and delete from source flags.

Data tables were also added to track key metadata for updates and auditing purposes, this auditing information allowed the customer to follow the content from QAM all the way through the ADI conversion, ADI enrichment and delivery

Delivery Result:

The project has been delivered on time and on budget with little impact on the customer platforms and now with PR resolutions prior to live deployment and CR enhancements added runs in an extremely efficient manner and is continually providing metadata enrichment services and VOD package delivery 24/7.
The result of the workflow now allows the client to migrate QAM content into the OTT origins thus expanding the catalog and offerings to a larger customer base.

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