SCH Tech Elevates Supply Point’s Global Inventory Operations


Located in Rugby, UK, Supply Point is renowned for its innovative point-of-use inventory management systems. It serves diverse sectors globally, including medical institutions, providing secure inventory management solutions.

With a growing international clientele, shipping large mechanical inventory systems was problematic from a shipping and customs perspective; therefore, streamlining and upgrading its inventory management processes for distributing flat-packed products became imperative to maintain its competitive edge and meet increased market demands.

Tailored Integration with Business Foresight

SCH Tech was commissioned to design a solution that would seamlessly integrate with Supply Point’s existing Syspro database infrastructure, focusing on enhancing efficiency and scalability of operations. The goal was to implement a system that could not only meet current operational demands but also adapt to future growth and changes in technology.

Core Components of the Solution

  1. Enhanced Data Retrieval: The system interfaces directly with the Syspro database to retrieve the latest orders, ensuring that all operational data is current and accurate, which is crucial for making informed business decisions.
  2. Advanced Order Management: Users can easily access and manage active orders through an intuitive interface, with capabilities to filter, select, and process orders effectively, enhancing operational throughput.
  3. Barcode Integration for Inventory Management: The integration includes a barcode scanning system that streamlines the packing process, reducing manual errors and increasing the pace of warehouse operations.
  4. Dynamic Container Management: The system allows for real-time tracking and management of containers used in the packing process, which supports efficient use of resources and space in the inventory management.
  5. Robust Error Handling: New barcodes can be generated for any inventory items with damaged labels, ensuring continuous operation without significant delays, thus maintaining operational resilience.
  6. Finalisation and Review: Upon completion, the system reviews associated jobs from secondary Syspro views to confirm that all items are accounted for and orders are completed to specification before closure.
  7. Administrative and User Interface: Developed using the Blazor framework, the interface provides robust management features, including user management and detailed configuration settings for barcode printers, facilitating better control and customisation of the operational environment.

Business Impact and Value Delivered

  • Operational Efficiency: The integration significantly reduces the time and labour required to manage inventory from receipt to dispatch, directly contributing to lower operational costs and higher throughput.
  • Accuracy and Compliance: Enhanced tracking and accurate record-keeping facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements, which is particularly crucial in medical and other high-stake industries.
  • Scalability and Future Proofing: The system is designed to accommodate growth and can integrate with additional modules or adapt to changes in business processes or inventory types.
  • Improved Decision Making: Real-time data and comprehensive reporting capabilities enable better strategic decisions regarding inventory management and customer service strategies.

Conclusion: Strategic Advantage through Technological Innovation

SCH Tech’s tailored solution for Supply Point is a prime example of how targeted technological integration can provide substantial business advantages. The upgraded inventory management system optimises day-to-day operations and aligns with Supply Point’s long-term strategic goals, enhancing its ability to serve a global market effectively.

This project underscores the potential of strategic IT solutions to transform core business functions and drive industry leadership.

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